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I just had yet another fracking awesome weekend.

(Yes, I'm working my way through BSG and it's showing in my vocabulary; specifically, the use of the word frack)

I had signed up to raid Friday night, as they had looked to be really short on people in general, but in the end wasn't needed, which was just fine by me. Because Ian had a really long, hard week, we hadn't made any plans for Friday night, so we just chatted while playing WoW instead. I was working on questing for my Loremaster achievement, so I was flying hither and yon all over Azeroth (I was working on Loremaster of Kalimdor, but needed to do quests on both continents to find ones that gave me credit for Kalimdor, which was a big pain in the butt). Ian disappeared mid-evening, and I suspected he had headed out for drinks with the guys; he hasn't quite developed the habit of saying "bye, going out with the guys" when he does, so I wasn't sure, but it turned out my guess was right on the money.

Saturday, I did a bit of laundry and housework but mostly kept questing away until just before 2pm, which is when Ian rejoined the land of the living and came online. I had originally planned to go to Lionsdale Champions on Saturday, but decided not to because of my cold. After Ian came online, we did a Zul'Gurub run with some guildies, and then they helped me knock out 6 or 7 quests in Dire Maul (which I had never done in its entirety before, so it actually meant I got the achievement for it as well), and then he headed over so that we could go out to dinner. I had decided that I wanted to go out someplace with a patio and have a nice meal and some drinks to celebrate receiving my Certificate of Discharge on Thursday. We headed out to Yianni's, my favorite greek taverna, and had a lovely meal and split a pitcher of sangria. Mmmm, sangria. I even ended up a little tipsier than usual.

We went back to my place, had a shower, and then laid naked on the bed in front of the fan talking, which was absolutely lovely considering the scorching heat we had on Saturday (and the enormous meal we'd just eaten). We had some really good conversation too, about priorities and goals and things like that.

on Sunday, we lazed around for pretty much all morning, I cooked brunch, and then we played some WoW together. I finally finished up my Loremaster achievement! Boy that was a ton of work. Ian headed out about 5pm as he needed to get some grocery shopping and laundry done, and I decided to finish up my Cenarion Circle rep grind in WoW, which I was fairly close to having done.

And I got some totally awesome news last night, which I will save for my next post as this is getting long enough as it is. :)
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Despite my back being so sore I can barely stand, I am in a truly excellent mood this morning. There are many reasons for this: I had an awesome weekend, accomplished a LOT yesterday, and got up early enough this morning to get to work by 6:45. This will let me get out of here at 1pm, hopefully early enough to avoid the intense heat my office builds up by mid-afternoon, and also includes 15 minutes of extra time for making up a bit from last week.

I went to Tir Righ Coronet Tournament on Saturday, my first big event back in probably 3 or 4 years. It was absolutely wonderful. The break I had was needed, but it's time for it to be over and for me to get back to where I belong. I got to see many friends I hadn't seen in a long, long time and had so much fun.

Sadly, Ian was bored out of his mind. He didn't know anyone except me (well, he'd met a few of my friends previously at non-SCA stuff), had no idea what was going on, and didn't really find much of it interesting at all. And I'm a court junkie, so I wanted to stay for the whole thing, and of course it was horribly uninteresting to him. So I told him to play with his iPhone - fortunately we were tucked away in a corner.

Yesterday morning, Ian and I went all the way to North Vancouver to have breakfast at the Tomahawk Barbecue. And I watched in absolute wonder and horror as he downed the ENTIRE mixed grill. Seriously, I think that thing was designed to be split between 2 people. It's a wonder his heart hasn't exploded yet.

Then I went home and cleaned like a madwoman. The event on Saturday has left me inspired and very gung-ho to get back into my arts and craft projects, and since my place was such a disaster, I couldn't find anything. Now it's tidy enough that I can craft in peace and actually find things. The cleaning also had the side effect of my finding the receipt for my computer chair, which I can now go exchange today, as it broke in less than a month after purchase. Sadly, I will have to skip archery practice tonight because of my back pain.


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