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I posted last night on Facebook announcing that the move is going ahead. I essentially gave notice at my job yesterday, but not in the usual "here's my 2 weeks, I'm outta here" format. Rather, I had a chat with my boss where I explained what we were up to, and reminded him of his statements in the past where he's mentioned a desire to move to having a paralegal instead of a legal assistant, etc. and how he'd just laya me off if he did that. So where it was left at is that he's going to put up an ad for a replacement for me, and once he finds someone, will be giving me two weeks notice that he's laying me off (and the layoff will guarantee me unemployment). This will make things MUCH easier for us, as I will be able to get my unemployment claim in before I even move, rather than having to wait until after. Chances are good I'll be finished work somewhere between 1-3 weeks before the actual move, which will
give me more time to finish up the packing and cleaning etc.

Ian will be going up in 2-3 weeks regardless of whether he has a job or not, as he is pretty much guaranteed to get a job within a week or so once he's up there. Some awesome friends of ours have a spare room that he can rent for a month or so until we get into a place of our own. Now our biggest worry is figuring out where we're going to live. If it comes right down to it, we may have to arrange to foster out our pets for six months to a year, until we can purchase a place. We REALLY don't like this idea, but it might be our last resort. Argh. But we really don't have the option of purchasing a place right away, and there are not a lot of places that allow large dogs, despite the fact that apparently everyone in Fort St. John seems to HAVE a large dog.

Seriously, I'm more worried about where the hell we're going to live than the actual job search!
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