Jun. 15th, 2009 04:36 pm
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When we last heard from our protagonist, she was alluding to having received some most excellent news yesterday evening...

The news? My roommate has found a new place to live, and will be out at the end of the month! Actually, it will be a few days after, as June 30th lands on a Tuesday, and he works during the week, but that was fine with me, since there's a month between him moving out and Ian moving in. And he'll be paying pro-rated rent for those few days so it's just less of his damage deposit I have to give him back.

But YAY! 20 days and counting.
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I just had yet another fracking awesome weekend.

(Yes, I'm working my way through BSG and it's showing in my vocabulary; specifically, the use of the word frack)

I had signed up to raid Friday night, as they had looked to be really short on people in general, but in the end wasn't needed, which was just fine by me. Because Ian had a really long, hard week, we hadn't made any plans for Friday night, so we just chatted while playing WoW instead. I was working on questing for my Loremaster achievement, so I was flying hither and yon all over Azeroth (I was working on Loremaster of Kalimdor, but needed to do quests on both continents to find ones that gave me credit for Kalimdor, which was a big pain in the butt). Ian disappeared mid-evening, and I suspected he had headed out for drinks with the guys; he hasn't quite developed the habit of saying "bye, going out with the guys" when he does, so I wasn't sure, but it turned out my guess was right on the money.

Saturday, I did a bit of laundry and housework but mostly kept questing away until just before 2pm, which is when Ian rejoined the land of the living and came online. I had originally planned to go to Lionsdale Champions on Saturday, but decided not to because of my cold. After Ian came online, we did a Zul'Gurub run with some guildies, and then they helped me knock out 6 or 7 quests in Dire Maul (which I had never done in its entirety before, so it actually meant I got the achievement for it as well), and then he headed over so that we could go out to dinner. I had decided that I wanted to go out someplace with a patio and have a nice meal and some drinks to celebrate receiving my Certificate of Discharge on Thursday. We headed out to Yianni's, my favorite greek taverna, and had a lovely meal and split a pitcher of sangria. Mmmm, sangria. I even ended up a little tipsier than usual.

We went back to my place, had a shower, and then laid naked on the bed in front of the fan talking, which was absolutely lovely considering the scorching heat we had on Saturday (and the enormous meal we'd just eaten). We had some really good conversation too, about priorities and goals and things like that.

on Sunday, we lazed around for pretty much all morning, I cooked brunch, and then we played some WoW together. I finally finished up my Loremaster achievement! Boy that was a ton of work. Ian headed out about 5pm as he needed to get some grocery shopping and laundry done, and I decided to finish up my Cenarion Circle rep grind in WoW, which I was fairly close to having done.

And I got some totally awesome news last night, which I will save for my next post as this is getting long enough as it is. :)
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I woke up this morning and my cat was at the window, wanting to be let in. This immediately drew my attention to the fact that it is snowing, AGAIN. I gotta say... personally I've had enough of the stuff! Plus there's the fact that I'm going out today, and I don't really own any real winter boots.

At least the falling flakes will make good camera fodder.

So the plan that my date and I have for today is to meet up at one of the skytrain stations, and then we're going to have lunch at a restaurant down on Main St. that he's heard a lot of good things about, and it's gotten really good reviews on DineHere.ca, and then depending on how things go, I think we may end up wandering around on Main St., which has lots of funky shops and stuff. I had had the idea in my head to stop at my favorite yarn shop Three Bags Full, but they're closed right now for the Christmas break, I think, and it's next weekend that is their belated Boxing Day Sale. So instead I will head down there next weekend, as I have a $75 gift certificate (that I've been hoarding from Christmas 2006 - and yes it's still good, I checked!) and want to get the yarn and needles to make this adorable Star-crossed Slouchy Beret.

Alrighty, time to clean the litterbox and then hit the shower.


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