ravnsdaughter: (change ahead)
ravnsdaughter ([personal profile] ravnsdaughter) wrote2012-11-07 01:58 pm

time for a little magic

Ok, this worked the last time, so I'm going to try this again.

We're in need of two things right now... a job for Ian in Fort St. John, and a place to live in Fort St. John. "They" say "ask, and ye shall receive", so here we go... I'm asking.

A job for Ian: what we need is a trade apprenticeship, preferably as an electrician. We're looking for $18 an hour, benefits after three months, within biking distance of our future home during the summer. An offer while he's still here in New West would be ideal, but an offer before December 1st is really what we need.

As for a place to live, here's what we need:
2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Ideally at least 1000 square feet. Pets allowed, including big dogs. Absolute maximum $1,500 per month but $1,200 would be ideal. In-suite laundry would be ideal. We can handle a move in date anywhere from November 15 to December 15th

Ok, Universe, do your stuff!

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