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Today's BPAL: Blue Moon. This is the June 2007 version, which I bought 2 years ago and it's been sitting since then unused. I suspect I took off the lid, sniffed it, and then it just sat there. Sheesh. Anyways, my verdict? Meh. It's pretty, but it turns to a very typical "floral perfume" to me, with absolutely nothing special about it. I think it's going into the sale pile.

For some unknown reason, I was in a terrific mood this morning, and that has mostly continued up until this point - hopefully the rest of my day will be just as good. I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, but I seem to be getting by just fine on what I did get, and I was out the door early enough to walk to the station and get to work for 6:45. I've decided to work a 4 day week so that I can have Friday off, and come in for 6:45 each morning so I can still be out of here at 2:15. Then on Friday, I'm going to go stand in line at the passport office so that I have my passport in time for my trip in July. Oh yay.

I'm probably going to skip archery practice tonight, since I still have a gigantic bruise on the inside of my left arm from last Thursday's practice, and because I'm in the mood to get some housework done tonight. I need to go deposit my paycheque after work and get some groceries first, and then I'll be heading home. Hopefully that stuff will be done in time for me to get some crafting done tonight, because that's the other thing I'm in the mood for.
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Man I wish Spring would hurry up and get here. I've had enough of these dull grey skies and drizzling rain making my hair go all frizzy. I want blue skies and sunshine and pretty flowers bursting out of the ground.

Ian's off to Las Vegas this week for some much needed R&R, but he'll be back mid-day Friday, so I'm not really getting to see him any less than normal. In fact, I'm actually talking to him more than -usual, because he has his laptop with him and has been popping back to his room frequently and saying hello on gchat. It's been really nice.

I'm horribly jealous of him though. But, I have an exciting trip to Portland planned for July, to visit [livejournal.com profile] istp_archer and go to July Coronation. I am really looking forward to it. Which reminds me... I will have to head out after work tomorrow and have my passport photo taken, since I am getting it signed by my guarantor on Saturday night. I've never had a passport before, so I'm excited about that. Is anyone else on my friends list going to be at July Coronation?


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