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I had an interview yesterday, and I have another one on Sunday. Yay! My current temp assignment ends on Monday (boo!) but I have another one lined up for 3 days next week, and once that's done I should have exactly enough hours to get unemployment, so if all else fails, the bills will get paid that way. Whew!

I actually got some stuff accomplished last night AND the night before. Go me! Laundry's done, though I'll have to do another load tonight so I have my interview clothes ready for Sunday. Kitchen is almost done, though I still need to clean the fridge. The living room is tidied up too. I'm going to try and get a bunch more tidying done tonight, so that the floors will all be clear for Ian to vacuum the entire house while I'm at my event tomorrow.

I'm in desperate need of a to-do list for tonight, but I'll put it behind a cut for those of you who don't want to read it )

I am SOOOO looking forward to the event. I'm on retinue for Kheron & Kenna's reign, and this is their investiture, so it should be fun!
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We will FINALLY be getting real internet at the condo tomorrow... good timing too, because Ian has exhausted his bandwidth limit on his iPhone for the month. We'll be going from slower than molasses in January bandwidth (what I could get through tethering my iPhone to my computer) to zoomy-fast fibre optic bandwidth. We can both hardly wait. I told Ian the other day that aside from grocery shopping and possibly going out to see the Harry Potter movie on the big screen, I really wanted to just spend the weekend hanging out at home with him... I'm feeling slightly peopled out lately and need some relax time.

I need a to-do list for tonight, though, since I have a lot to accomplish once I get home from my chiro appointment. Some of this is because I need to get stuff done before Telus comes by to hook up our internet and cable tomorrow, and some of it is because I've decided to heck with waiting until September 1st to start my 101-in-1001 project, and I'm going to finalize my list today, post it, and declare today my starting date.

So, here's my list o' crap what I needs to do tonight:

- Open my computer up and clean out the inside (hopefully this will make it a little less noisy)
- Swap the connection over to my 1TB harddrive, wipe the drive off and install Windows on it (and set my old harddrive as a secondary drive) (and I want to do this tonight so I can start on some of my goals on my list this weekend, and also so I can fix up my UI before tomorrow night's raid)
- Clean the kitchen
- Find my prescriptions so I can get them filled (and cancel my doctor's appointment for tomorrow since I don't need it for my back anymore, and would rather not go just to say "I misplaced my prescriptions in the move, can I get new ones please?")
- Clean off the dining table and find homes for all of the crap on it.
- Finish the laundry and put it away
- Find my headset so I can raid tomorrow night without having to type out all my snarky comments
- Check my stash of flasks and mana potions on my priest and farm up the materials for more if necessary
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Ok... it's time to finally sit down and make that to-do list I've been yapping about.

At the very top of the list, must be LOOK FOR WORK AND FIND A DAMNED JOB.

And then... all the domestic, crafty and geeky stuff. Starting with a few things that need to get done today, followed by some ongoing projects and things I want to get done sometime soonish.

- clean the litterbox
- laundry
- clean my CPAP
- spring clean the bedroom, living room and kitchen (washing walls, moving furniture and vaccuuming, etc.)
- organize all the paper crap in the house
- move all the stuff off my desk, wash down, clean the inside of my computer, and put back together
- get 2nd desktop machine up and running
- hook TV up properly so I can watch TV as well as dvds
- start working on new viking garb
- organize knitting needles
- untangle messed up yarn
- start a knitting project
- organize piano music and start practicing again
- Burn DVDs
- rewatch Firefly
- get corkboard for jewelry organizing
- start exercising


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