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I had an interview yesterday, and I have another one on Sunday. Yay! My current temp assignment ends on Monday (boo!) but I have another one lined up for 3 days next week, and once that's done I should have exactly enough hours to get unemployment, so if all else fails, the bills will get paid that way. Whew!

I actually got some stuff accomplished last night AND the night before. Go me! Laundry's done, though I'll have to do another load tonight so I have my interview clothes ready for Sunday. Kitchen is almost done, though I still need to clean the fridge. The living room is tidied up too. I'm going to try and get a bunch more tidying done tonight, so that the floors will all be clear for Ian to vacuum the entire house while I'm at my event tomorrow.

I'm in desperate need of a to-do list for tonight, but I'll put it behind a cut for those of you who don't want to read it )

I am SOOOO looking forward to the event. I'm on retinue for Kheron & Kenna's reign, and this is their investiture, so it should be fun!
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Now that I'm "officially" back to the SCA, and all fired up about SCA and participating again and doing service type stuff, I have decided I also want to work on losing this shyness I have and meet new people.

I know, you're probably thinking... what shyness??? I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be, and over the internet I'm a lot less shy, and once I've been introduced to a person, the shyness pretty much completely disappears. But I am absolutely horrible at introducing myself to someone new out of the blue.

But there are so many people out there who Do Cool Stuff and who I could learn from even just by talking to them or reading their LJs, that I am asking this favour of those of you on my friends list who are in the SCA and in An Tir: who should I know? Who do you read who I don't, who Does Cool Stuff and would be cool with me reading them? I know I could just go through your friends lists and friend people randomly, but I think it'd be cooler if I got a few recommendations and could say "So-n-so sent me because they think you're nifty".

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Despite my back being so sore I can barely stand, I am in a truly excellent mood this morning. There are many reasons for this: I had an awesome weekend, accomplished a LOT yesterday, and got up early enough this morning to get to work by 6:45. This will let me get out of here at 1pm, hopefully early enough to avoid the intense heat my office builds up by mid-afternoon, and also includes 15 minutes of extra time for making up a bit from last week.

I went to Tir Righ Coronet Tournament on Saturday, my first big event back in probably 3 or 4 years. It was absolutely wonderful. The break I had was needed, but it's time for it to be over and for me to get back to where I belong. I got to see many friends I hadn't seen in a long, long time and had so much fun.

Sadly, Ian was bored out of his mind. He didn't know anyone except me (well, he'd met a few of my friends previously at non-SCA stuff), had no idea what was going on, and didn't really find much of it interesting at all. And I'm a court junkie, so I wanted to stay for the whole thing, and of course it was horribly uninteresting to him. So I told him to play with his iPhone - fortunately we were tucked away in a corner.

Yesterday morning, Ian and I went all the way to North Vancouver to have breakfast at the Tomahawk Barbecue. And I watched in absolute wonder and horror as he downed the ENTIRE mixed grill. Seriously, I think that thing was designed to be split between 2 people. It's a wonder his heart hasn't exploded yet.

Then I went home and cleaned like a madwoman. The event on Saturday has left me inspired and very gung-ho to get back into my arts and craft projects, and since my place was such a disaster, I couldn't find anything. Now it's tidy enough that I can craft in peace and actually find things. The cleaning also had the side effect of my finding the receipt for my computer chair, which I can now go exchange today, as it broke in less than a month after purchase. Sadly, I will have to skip archery practice tonight because of my back pain.


May. 22nd, 2009 09:30 am
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It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Ian and I are going to Tir Righ Coronet tomorrow, and I really hope this weather continues all weekend as it would make for a much nicer event than rain. Of course, this is Vancouver, after all, so for all we know it could start pouring tomorrow morning despite there being not a cloud in the sky right now. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

It was like this yesterday as well, and by the time 3:30 arrived, my office was an absolute oven to work in. This is making me glad I usually work 6 hour days... and once the full heat of the summer arrives, I may just start working 6-12 or 7-1 so that I can try and get out of here before my office heats up fully during the day. Today I should be working a 7.5 hour day, but I need to get home by 3:15 as Ian is coming over after work to try on his tunic, so I will have to put in a little bit of extra time next week instead. And can I just say right now how much I LOVE my job and the fact that I can do things like that?

I made it out to archery practice again last night and as usual, had a blast. I didn't stay too long, since I needed to get home and finish Ian's tunic, but I did get in some good practice. As with last time I was there, I left feeling like I'd had a full workout, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, I lost one of my arrow tips in the butt (the thing that holds the target), and since I only have 6 arrows to begin with, that was kind of annoying. There is going to be a merchant at Coronet this weekend who sells wooden arrows though, so I'm hoping they're not too expensive.
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It's not even noon yet, and I'm really quite exhausted. Ian started 5 weeks of dayshift this morning, and had to be at work for 7am. As his work is a short trip from my house, he stayed over last night and we both got up at 5am this morning. After staying up until about midnight. Oy. I'm here until 2:15, and then I think I'm going to head home, clean up the mess we left in the kitchen this morning, and then take a short nap.

My weekend included my first trip to the Richmond Night Market (was kinda meh); dinner at the Cascade Room with Ian's family and friends, which was excellent; and lamb burger's at Ian's mother's place last night. I have also FINALLY gotten started on Ian's tunic. I'm using a medium olive green linen, and it's a pretty standard flared t-tunic shape. I'm not putting the effort into rectangular construction if he's going to decide he hates the SCA and doesn't want to continue to participate.

I've decided that unless it's something I desperately need to finish garb for the July Coronation trip, there will be no more craft supplies entering my house until after the roommate has moved out and I've had the chance to do all my rearranging and organizing. I keep getting brilliant ideas popping into my head, and wanting to buy craft supplies, but I know it's mostly just wanting retail therapy because of boredom, so in the meantime, I'm making idea lists, bookmark categories full of inspiration, and such. Finishing garb and making beads from the glass that's already in the house should be plenty of creative fulfillment for the next while.
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I am going crazy, and I need to vent.

Despite how much I've accomplished lately, I still have a lot more stuff to accomplish. I feel like I'm in some sort of holding pattern at the moment - waiting for things to happen that are beyond my control. It's driving me crazy, because it's preventing me from doing some of the things I really want to be doing, so I am trying to find other productive things to do in the meantime, and find ways to do some of the things I really want to do anyways. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a control freak.

This is part to-do list, part babbling.

i. I'm 3 days away from my bankruptcy discharge. I submitted my April report last Friday, and I may have one little payment to make once they do their final calculations, but probably not, since they didn't even cash my April cheque. I have no report to file for May, so I'm already technically free to spend my income however I want (and I say technically because I am just continuing to be responsible and smart about things), but my trustee has recommended that I wait until I have my discharge certificate in hand to apply for a secured credit card. I already have all of the money in the bank to do so, and once I have the secured credit card, I will be able to reserve the car for my trip to Portland in July.

ii. I really need to get going on Ian's garb - his tunic in particular - so that he has something to wear to Coronet. I already have a belt for him, and if all else fails he can wear a pair of plain pants under the tunic (and I really ought to hit up the Army & Navy to see if they have any plaid pajama bottoms), but the tunic needs to get made.

iii. This whole waiting for my roommate to move out thing is driving me absolutely insane. He had me give him a formal Notice to Vacate for Landlord's Use of Property in late April, and because I'm such a nice person, I put the deadline for him to be out as July 31st, because I felt it would be a good thing to give him lots of time. Essentially, he had a window of May 31st to July 31st to move. He's apparently been looking, but is being fussy because he has so much time, but is still being a huge pain in my ass. I know he's still a tenant there as long as he's paying rent, but you would think he'd have it through his head by now that he's not my goddamned father. He might be old enough to be my father, but I really don't need him commenting on every morsel of food that I put into my mouth or what time I go to bed at. And I just want to get started on the furniture rearranging and stuff.

iv. I've decided not to paint my place after all (other than touchups), because Ian and I are going to end up moving into Vancouver in the next year or two, and I don't want to go through all that work for only a year or so. Once the roommate IS gone, my priorities will be: wash down the walls in his room, do a cleansing ritual throughout the entire house to get rid of all his negative energy, and then move the computer desk and futon from the living room to
the 2nd bedroom (and get the landlord to bring the other half of my desk in from the garage). Once that's done, I am going to have a professional in to clean the carpets for me.

v. I REALLY need to learn to balance my obsessiveness (and suspected mild OCPD) with my need to be creative better. In the past few weeks, I have been thinking of almost nothing but my desire to be creative. I want to make pretty things, I want to work on my projects, I want to work on my websites, I want to practice my harp and piano, I want to finally set up an altar that I can use. But I'm already so cramped in my suite, and all of my supplies are packed away in boxes in the storage room because my damned roommate expects me to get out my supplies, work on a project, and then put everything away again every single time I want to work on something, and that just doesn't work for me. Not at all. I need space to spread my stuff out, and be able to flit from project to project depending on my whims and bouts of creativity. But he's so damned demanding and bossy and a bully (despite spending almost all of his time holed up in his bedroom), that no matter how hard I stand my ground, he just overwhelms me. Ian will have no problem with this at all (and sharing a bedroom and having the second bedroom as a den will allow us to have much more room for projects), and I can hardly wait.


Apr. 28th, 2009 08:38 am
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Archery was an absolute blast last night. I am going to be getting a membership to the range, and looking at getting my own gear.

It's more work than it looks like. Today, my shoulders are a bit sore (my left one was sore all last week though, so the archery didn't help that any), and my right forearm is a little bit achey. It's making typing interesting.

I can hardly wait to go again. :)


Apr. 27th, 2009 01:41 pm
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I'm going to my first archery practice tonight!

SO excited!
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Man I wish Spring would hurry up and get here. I've had enough of these dull grey skies and drizzling rain making my hair go all frizzy. I want blue skies and sunshine and pretty flowers bursting out of the ground.

Ian's off to Las Vegas this week for some much needed R&R, but he'll be back mid-day Friday, so I'm not really getting to see him any less than normal. In fact, I'm actually talking to him more than -usual, because he has his laptop with him and has been popping back to his room frequently and saying hello on gchat. It's been really nice.

I'm horribly jealous of him though. But, I have an exciting trip to Portland planned for July, to visit [livejournal.com profile] istp_archer and go to July Coronation. I am really looking forward to it. Which reminds me... I will have to head out after work tomorrow and have my passport photo taken, since I am getting it signed by my guarantor on Saturday night. I've never had a passport before, so I'm excited about that. Is anyone else on my friends list going to be at July Coronation?


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