Jun. 15th, 2009 04:36 pm
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When we last heard from our protagonist, she was alluding to having received some most excellent news yesterday evening...

The news? My roommate has found a new place to live, and will be out at the end of the month! Actually, it will be a few days after, as June 30th lands on a Tuesday, and he works during the week, but that was fine with me, since there's a month between him moving out and Ian moving in. And he'll be paying pro-rated rent for those few days so it's just less of his damage deposit I have to give him back.

But YAY! 20 days and counting.
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Today's BPAL: Dirty. The name is a joke, because this is actually the sent of fresh laundry, sheets drying in the sun, and cool, crisp cotton. This is actually one of the first scents I bought a 5ml bottle of after testing an imp, because it's absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for the (scorching) weather we've been having this week. I was in a hurry this morning so I hurriedly grabbed something out of my BPAL box, and when I saw the bottle I immediately went for it as it would be perfect for today.

Oh! I just realized that I haven't updated you all on the roommate saga. It's done! Well, he hasn't moved out yet, but we had started a conversation on Friday evening, and it had been left off when he said to me "ok, make me a proposal". Which kind of made me get my back up, considering. I did some thinking, and talked to Ian and [profile] istp_archer about it, and had a proposal in my head, though I didn't get a chance to talk to him on the weekend. Last night, I mentioned to the roommate that he hadn't given me money for May's utilities yet, and he took that opportunity to continue on with the conversation from Friday.

The result is this: he's going to try to be out for the end of June. He doesn't think he'll be able to find a place that fast, I call BS because there's lots of places out there. He darned well be putting in the effort of looking, anyways. I'm going to be giving him a half month's rent. I explained to him that I didn't feel I was his landlord in the sense of the word used in the Residential Tenancy Act, etc. and that as the only person the lease and the person who has been living in that suite for 3 1/2 years, I had the right to give him a few months' notice that I wanted him to leave. He countered with his feeling of yes I am his landlord, blah blah, and in the end he stated that he felt he was entitled to SOMETHING because he knows I'm a legal assistant and that if I was in his place, I'd be insisting on getting the money. Sigh.

So I offered him a half month's rent, and he took it. And because he hasn't paid me last month's utilities, I'm just taking 2 months worth of utilities off of the half month's rent (for May and June) and paying him the difference, which is only $130. In the end, I think $130 is actually worth it to get rid of the asshole.

And I also placed conditions on it. He has to lay the hell off of me with the nagging about the housework and Ian (he hates it when Ian stays over during the week). He hasn't seemed to actually grasped the fact that he actually has to lay off of me yet though, because he mentioned the housework several times last night. I just ignored him. What an idiot.
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I think I mentioned this before, but last week when I told the roommate that I would prefer that he be out by the end of June, his response was "alright... we'll see".

That really got my hackles up. I mean... "we'll see???" Dude... you're not rich, you have no pets, and you are looking for an apartment, not a house to purchase. There's LOADS of places out there. Pick one and get the fuck out of my house! You hate living with me and I hate living with you. Why do you want to drag this out any longer than absolutely necessary?

I had printed out the 1 month notice for endangerment forms, but didn't give them to him that day because I'm still working on the whole getting a backbone thing. I'm about to print up new ones here, dated Sunday, and on Sunday I'm going to reiterate that I would like him to be out for the end of June. If he says ANYTHING other than "no problem", he's getting served with the forms.

I remembered recently that when he moved in, our rent was $50 less than it is now, so his damage deposit is $12.50 less than I was thinking it was. He hasn't paid me May's utilities yet, and if he doesn't give me that or the money for June, that's coming off the damage deposit. In that case, he'll be getting barely over $100 back. IF I decide he left his room clean enough.

This whole thing is total and utter bullshit. When I lived in the apartment building before I moved into my current place, I had a roommate who was awful. She had lived with another woman before me, and the woman before me got fed up. And all she did was ask her to leave. She tried to give her like 2 weeks' notice, but it ended up being a month and a half because 2 weeks was just ridiculous, but at least my former roommate was reasonable and realized that it was her roommate's right (since she'd been in the apartment first) to ask her to leave, and just left instead of putting up a fight.

Never again, I tell you! I will live in a tiny little bachelor suite on my own before I put up with another roommate who isn't related to me or my partner.
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My right foot is insanely itchy. To relieve this itch would require me to take off my runner and sock, and I don't want to do that right now, so I'm sitting here hoping it will just go away. Gragh.

So, I had a conversation with my roommate last night that has gotten my hackles up quite a bit. I can't remember how it started, but essentially, I asked him if he had decided whether to work towards moving out on June 30th or July 31st, since those are the two obvious options at this point. He asked if I had a preference. I said no, that it was basically a "six of one, half-dozen of the other" type situation for me, because the end of May was too soon, the end of June was better for me in the sense of Ian spending time at my house etc., but that the end of July was better for my budget. Well, he then turned around and said something like "well remember, the rules say that I can just give you 10 days notice at any time and move out, and you still have to pay me one month's rent".

I was like... "uh, WHAT?" So I went and looked at the documents on the Residential Tenancy website. I gave him an official "Notice to Vacate for Landlord's Use of Property" at the end of April with July 31st as the last day I want him gone, but told him verbally at that time that anytime before that was fine as well. But I only gave him that formal document because he insisted on it. He's not on the lease. My name is the only one on the lease. He is living there out of the goodness of my heart, and nothing else.

When I get home tonight, I am going to let him know that having thought about our conversation yesterday some more, I would like him to work towards moving for the end of June. I have absolutely HAD IT with being treated like I am his child and being held to HIS standards of everything, and having my boyfriend being treated like he is not welcome inside my house. He'll get his damage deposit back provided his room is left in a clean state, but he is not getting one month's rent.

If need be, I will re-serve him with a One Month Notice to End Tenancy on the grounds that he has been endangering my safety by leaving our gas stove running all the freaking time.

And if all else fails... I have a boyfriend who's built like a linebacker and lots of fighter-type SCA friends.


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