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It looks like spring has finally sprung here in Vancouver! The past 2 days have been gorgeously sunny and I have the blinds in my office drawn all the way back to let the gorgeous rays in.

I am very tempted to take a blanket and a book after I get home, and go lie outside on the grass in my backyard to soak up some of the gorgeous sunshine, as who knows how long it will last for, considering Vancouver's schizophrenic weather.

I had a 4 day weekend last weekend, and it was wonderful. The boy worked a short shift on Friday, so he was able to come over while it was still light out, and we spent the whole weekend minus Monday (which he had to work) together. On Saturday night, we went to watch the first bout of the third season for the Terminal City Roller Girls, and then we spent Sunday afternoon at his sister's place, having an Easter chili dinner (so they're a little unconventional. I am starting to really adore his family actually, they're quite awesome).
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Eeeeeeee 3 more hours til my sweetie's flight lands! He's been in Las Vegas all week on vacation, and I miss him something fierce. Of course, I'll still be at work at that point, but he's heading pretty much straight out here and will be either meeting me at work or coming to my house shortly thereafter.

I have a raid tonight, which I've been signed up for for a while now, and there are no healers who could sub in for me, so I will be attending that out of necessity. We just want to have some time together anyways, so I will be making a pretty simple dinner of caesar salad and cheese tortellini with pesto sauce tonight, so we can get lots of snuggle time in this afternoon before my raid.

Tomorrow night, we're going to be attending the Reik Felag viking group's annual pub night fundraiser, and Ian will get his first introduction to viking costume and my rowdy viking friends. I'm really looking forward to it.

And crappity crap crap, I just realized that the upcoming Terminal City Rollergirls bout is the same weekend I had planned to go visit my grandparents. Well, it's a good thing I hadn't run it past my grandparents yet, as I really want to go watch the bout. The trip to the island can wait an extra week or so.

Happy Friday everyone!


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