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I am feeling MUCH better today, and only a small part of that has to do with the fact that it's Friday. Actually, I started feeling better yesterday afternoon, for some unknown reason, and it continued on into the evening.

I didn't spend much time on the computer last night, and that was probably a big help in starting to feel better. I spent a little bit of time on it in the early part of the evening, chatting with [livejournal.com profile] istp_archer, but her hubby came home and she had to leave to deal with him, and shortly after that I went and sat on the couch and worked on the embroidery on my new apron dress. I only have 3 of the vertical seams left to embellish, and then once I hem the top and bottom and add the straps, it will be done and I can move on to the underdress.

I thought briefly about setting my torch up again (I dismantled it a while ago when Ian was over so we could eat at the kitchen table, and haven't set it back up again yet), but instead, I got out my tuner and tuning wrench, tuned up my harp and put in some practice time on it. I'm hoping to get reasonable at it enough that it will make sense for me to bring it with me when I head to Portland in July.
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Onyx is a pretty boy, but he's a pain in the butt to photograph since he's so dark. He turned 8 months old on January 1st, and he's already bigger than my other (adult) cat. Granted, she's tiny, but still. I'm pretty darn sure he's got some maine coon in him, which means he might continue to grow until he's almost 2 years old. I suspect he's gonna be a BIG boy. But he's my sweetheart.

It just occurred to me that I haven't even talked about my New Years Resolutions yet. Unlike other years, I've only made 2 this year.

1. Get off the computer, get out more and DO STUFF.
2. Be a better friend.

So far I've been doing fairly well, actually, even considering that the snow we've gotten is really keeping me inside. I was out for a good 9 hours yesterday, and next weekend I'm planning to get out to a Knit Meetup and Three Bags Full's Belated Boxing Day Sale.
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Happy New Year everyone!

I've started my year off with a nice relaxing day. Despite it being a statutory holiday, my roommate had to work, so I had the flat to myself until he got home around 5pm. I had worked my tail off yesterday doing housework, so I didn't have any to do today. So I spent most of my day relaxing, playing WoW and playing with my kitties.

I'm planning to do Project 365, so here is my first pic for this year...


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