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I finally got a call back around 3:30 yesterday afternoon... and we've got the condo! I go this afternoon to fill out paperwork and hand over the deposit cheque, and we have the place as of July 25th. That way, we can be all moved in, and knowing me, unpacked, by the time my sister arrives on the August long weekend. It will also make it easier to clean the old place as I can go back between the 27th and 31st and clean with no furniture in the way.

We decided to go with layout 08. We couldn't get ANY of them with hardwood floors, unfortunately, but we'll cope. The hardwood would have only been in the living room anyway, not the bedrooms, and I was hoping it would be throughout the apartment for ease of cleaning. As it is, I'm going to have to buy a vaccuum (I've been using the roommate's for the past few years).

I'm going to wait until the roommate is out to start packing so that I can use his room as a place to put the stuff I've finished packing up. Though I may start doing some more decluttering in the meantime. I'm hoping to get rid of a bunch of crap before I move so I don't have to move it. There will likely be a virtual garage sale poste here sometime in the near future. :)

I am SO excited!
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I have had a very interesting weekend so far. Yesterday morning, Ian and I were lounging around in bed and snuggling, when my landlord knocked on the door between the laundry room and said he wanted to talk to me. It turns out that they are having another baby (*sigh* damned breeders... no offense to those on my friends list with children, but they are NOT parents, they are breeders)... and supposedly they are having "trouble" with their son (what, he cries a bit? idiots) and moving his parents in to help with the kids. Ergo, I'm being kicked out. The landlord was his usual jerk self, and wanted to use the "Mutual Agreement to End Tenancy" form, so that he could get out of having to pay me a month's rent, which he would have had to do if he'd used the appropriate form, which is the "Notice to End Tenancy for Landlord's Use of Property", which provides for 2 months notice and the landlord paying me 1 month's rent. However, I explained that Ian was going to be moving in on August 1st, and I could handle the rent myself for 1 month but not 2, and in the end, I wheedled him down so that I'm paying 75% of the rent for July and 50% for August, if I'm still here and not moving until the end of August

ARGH. I have 14 days until the roommate is gone, and then the idea was I would have a month with the place to myself and Ian would be moving in. I did NOT want to have to be moving myself just now.

So I had a good scream (I actually shut the door after talking to him and let out a "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" which prompted the roommate to open his door and ask what was going on. Ian gloated a little bit, because he didn't want to have to move to my area, and then I had a good cry, because I really didn't want my expenses to be going up this soon and because of Ian's reaction. And then we sat down and started looking at Craigslist. I put an ad up in the Housing Wanted section, and then we actually went out and got a co-op car and did a drive around, just looking at the various areas we'd be interested in.

By the time we got back, I had a response to my ad! The place is at the top end of our price range, but it sounds absolutely amazing - here's the ad. We're going to see the place at 2pm today, and while we'd be ready to put up a damage deposit on the spot, they are apparently looking for the right people as opposed to the first offer, though I really think we could be the right people for it.

Now if Ian would just quit fake-screaming in terror. *sigh*


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