Sep. 18th, 2009 08:35 am
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Since I got home from work yesterday before the boy had left for work, I requested that if I was asleep when he got home from work last night, that he please not wake me up. Normally he does wake me up when he gets home, which interrupts my sleep and results in a very tired Maddy the next morning. Last night, I went to bed at 9:30, was asleep by shortly after 10, and because he didn't wake me up, I slept right through until 6am, and it was LOVELY. Sleep, wondrous sleep.

I went back to chiro on Tuesday, after having taken 2 weeks off from it due to being sick, and was told that I'm pretty much all done with my treatment! I have one last appointment today after work, and he mentioned something about coming in once a month for maintenance, but we'll see if that's really necessary. I'm feeling almost back to 100% now, so I'm rather thrilled.

I've been seriously lusting after a bunch of stuff lately... more BPAL, some bath stuff from Fantasy Bath (but their shipping is seriously OUCH), and this yarn from YarnWench/[ profile] yarnwench is seriously droolworthy:

yarnwench top I'm lusting after

But alas, I am trying to avoid spending any unnecessary money until that one last debt is paid off. Should be sometime in early October. Also, in the case of the wool, I already have 2 braids of her wool at home that needs to be spun up first.

I did succumb to a small Villainess order this morning, though. I've heard her Birthrite scent is amazing, and I believe it's a limited edition, so I wanted to get some before it disappears. Besides, that soap the boy has been bringing home from work is killing my poor skin.
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I am going crazy, and I need to vent.

Despite how much I've accomplished lately, I still have a lot more stuff to accomplish. I feel like I'm in some sort of holding pattern at the moment - waiting for things to happen that are beyond my control. It's driving me crazy, because it's preventing me from doing some of the things I really want to be doing, so I am trying to find other productive things to do in the meantime, and find ways to do some of the things I really want to do anyways. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a control freak.

This is part to-do list, part babbling.

i. I'm 3 days away from my bankruptcy discharge. I submitted my April report last Friday, and I may have one little payment to make once they do their final calculations, but probably not, since they didn't even cash my April cheque. I have no report to file for May, so I'm already technically free to spend my income however I want (and I say technically because I am just continuing to be responsible and smart about things), but my trustee has recommended that I wait until I have my discharge certificate in hand to apply for a secured credit card. I already have all of the money in the bank to do so, and once I have the secured credit card, I will be able to reserve the car for my trip to Portland in July.

ii. I really need to get going on Ian's garb - his tunic in particular - so that he has something to wear to Coronet. I already have a belt for him, and if all else fails he can wear a pair of plain pants under the tunic (and I really ought to hit up the Army & Navy to see if they have any plaid pajama bottoms), but the tunic needs to get made.

iii. This whole waiting for my roommate to move out thing is driving me absolutely insane. He had me give him a formal Notice to Vacate for Landlord's Use of Property in late April, and because I'm such a nice person, I put the deadline for him to be out as July 31st, because I felt it would be a good thing to give him lots of time. Essentially, he had a window of May 31st to July 31st to move. He's apparently been looking, but is being fussy because he has so much time, but is still being a huge pain in my ass. I know he's still a tenant there as long as he's paying rent, but you would think he'd have it through his head by now that he's not my goddamned father. He might be old enough to be my father, but I really don't need him commenting on every morsel of food that I put into my mouth or what time I go to bed at. And I just want to get started on the furniture rearranging and stuff.

iv. I've decided not to paint my place after all (other than touchups), because Ian and I are going to end up moving into Vancouver in the next year or two, and I don't want to go through all that work for only a year or so. Once the roommate IS gone, my priorities will be: wash down the walls in his room, do a cleansing ritual throughout the entire house to get rid of all his negative energy, and then move the computer desk and futon from the living room to
the 2nd bedroom (and get the landlord to bring the other half of my desk in from the garage). Once that's done, I am going to have a professional in to clean the carpets for me.

v. I REALLY need to learn to balance my obsessiveness (and suspected mild OCPD) with my need to be creative better. In the past few weeks, I have been thinking of almost nothing but my desire to be creative. I want to make pretty things, I want to work on my projects, I want to work on my websites, I want to practice my harp and piano, I want to finally set up an altar that I can use. But I'm already so cramped in my suite, and all of my supplies are packed away in boxes in the storage room because my damned roommate expects me to get out my supplies, work on a project, and then put everything away again every single time I want to work on something, and that just doesn't work for me. Not at all. I need space to spread my stuff out, and be able to flit from project to project depending on my whims and bouts of creativity. But he's so damned demanding and bossy and a bully (despite spending almost all of his time holed up in his bedroom), that no matter how hard I stand my ground, he just overwhelms me. Ian will have no problem with this at all (and sharing a bedroom and having the second bedroom as a den will allow us to have much more room for projects), and I can hardly wait.
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Today's BPAL is Queen Mab. There's something about it that reminds me of Oscar de la Renta, though I'm pretty sure that if I was to sniff them both close together, it wouldn't be 100% identical. It's close enough that it's triggering scent memory, though. My grandmother (who I am very close to and absolutely adore more than anyone else in the world) wears Oscar as her
signature scent, and I cannot help but think of her when I smell it.

Speaking of my grandma, I think it's about time for me to plan a trip to visit them for the weekend sometime soon. I saw them at Christmas, but I want to start making a habit of getting over there every few months as I really miss them.

I got into work a half hour later than intended today as I had to stop by the lab and let the vampires take some blood from me again. Just doing a round of "better safe than sorry", I'm not sick or anything. I walked down the hill to work afterwards which was a good 20-25 minute hike. All this exercise I'm getting is making me feel great though.

Last week my office was way too warm, but today it's actually on the chilly side and I had to turn the fan down to low (I like having some air circulating all the time). I think I will have to get or knit a shawl to keep at work for days like today.

Speaking of shawls, I ordered an absolutely gorgeous shawl pin from Etsy this morning. I will post a picture once I receive it.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:03 pm
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So for my records, the walk home from the market took me 21 minutes today. I thought it would take me longer, considering it seems like a much longer walk than from home to the train, but I checked my phone when I left the market and again when I hit the steps to my door. Still, it was a darn good walk, and I feel really good now.

I think my plan will be to walk to the train every morning, and go to the market and then walk home from there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Fresh veggies every second day will be plenty often enough.

One thing I'm VERY happy about is that their prices are excellent - significantly cheaper than the grocery store. Especially their meat prices. And their meat looks wonderfully fresh too. They sell fruit and veggies, all sorts of meat, poultry and seafood, baked goods, dairy and eggs, 2 or 3 double-sided shelves worth of dry goods (lots of ethnic stuff too), AND they have a tiny deli. I'm thinking that I will likely only need to supplement with a run to Safeway and Galloways for stuff they don't carry possibly maybe only once or twice a month.
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6/365: Sleepy kitty
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I know, I know... another cat pic. But who can resist the cuteness? :)

I had a productive day today, but this evening hasn't been so great. Either I ate something that disagreed with me, or I really do have IBS. Not sure which.

On the plus side... our snow seems to be going away! It rained all day today, which is slowly melting the snow away. On the minus side... flooding. We don't have any entering the flat yet, let's hope it stays that way.

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curried beef with rice
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My photography skills quite obviously need a lot of work. I’m working with a pretty cheap camera, hands that aren’t the most steady, and the light in my basement suite is crappy at night, to say the least. But I know that the first thing that I need to do is to just take more pictures, so that’s what I’m doing. This is a little bit of a boring pic, but it’s a dish I made that turned out excellent, and also the first recipe I’ve posted in my new food/cooking blog. Instead of spreading things across multiple domains like I've tried to do in the past, I'm keeping it all in one place this time.

I didn't have the best of days today. I've been telling myself for weeks now that the first Monday after New Years, I had to get back to the job search. I had set my alarm for a reasonable hour this morning, and ended up smacking the snooze bar who knows how many times. I got out of bed late, and then proceeded to not do much of anything today. When I tried to start the job search, I just fell into a funk and couldn't do it. I'm not sure what the heck is up with me, other than the fact that I realized that since I came home from visiting my parents at Christmas, my happy pills had been stuck in my backpack and I hadn't unpacked them. So I went and found them, and got myself back on them. Tsk tsk.

But as Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone with the Wind, tomorrow is another day! And tomorrow shall be much better, I declare it!


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