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I am a little bit overwhelmed by the news I'm about to tell y'all.

It's been less than a month since we arrived in Fort St. John. We got here at about 8pm on Tuesday, December 4th. As of Friday morning at 9am, I have an offer of full time employment! And the best part is... I don't start until February or March, so I get my little break that I was hoping for after all! I have unemployment until then, plus we still have some savings, so... best of both worlds, seriously.

After all of the stress and anxiety attacks etc. the last time I was out of work, the fact that I got this job so quickly and easily, and with the parameters it has, is almost enough to totally overwhelm me. Fortunately the training I've learned over the past 2 years has helped a lot for me to stop anxiety attacks before they even happen. :)

I went to my first band practice on December 13th, and got to chatting with one of the clarinet players afterwards. Turned out she's a legal assistant as well, and she mentioned that she'd heard that one of the firms in town needed a new assistant. The next day, I went in there with a resume. I interviewed with one of the associate lawyers on the 20th. I'm sure that if it had been his decision, I would have been offered the job on the spot. As it was, the decision had to be made by the owner of the firm, so the associate passed on his notes and recommendations to the owner, who emailed me last Thursday evening to see if I could talk to him on the phone or Skype the next morning. Thankfully I had decided to check my email one last time on my phone before trying to fall asleep, so I saw the email, and we did a Skype interview at 8:30 a.m. on the 28th. He offered me the job at the end of the interview, and I accepted right away.

Anyways, here's the details... I will be working for one of the biggest family law firms in Vancouver... in their satellite Fort St. John office. They have a gorgeous office building here that they've built themselves, and up until now they've just flown lawyers up here when neeeded for local clients, but as of January, there will be a freshly called-to-the-bar lawyer in-house all the time. The legal assistant in there now is going on maternity leave as of June, and they needed someone to cover her position, plus have a few months of overlap before she leaves, which is the position they've hired me for. They're hoping that the new lawyer will have enough of a clientele built up by the time the other assistant comes back that they can just keep me on, though. If not, no worries, as I still want to get out of law eventually, and this could just be a interim thing while I get all my safety training done and try to get a safety administrator job.

The best part is... I'm getting a 20% salary increase over my last position, AND it comes with extended health benefits. YAY! I'm so looking forward to starting to fix my teeth.
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Ok, so. Now that we've told all of our parents, and none of them have freaked, I can make an open post here about this.

Ian lost his job back in late May or early June, something like that. Things have been fine financially since then, we haven't had to postpone the wedding or anything like that, thankfully. But it has really made it obvious that it's time for us to think about the fact that Ian needs a career, not just a string of crappy jobs. We've talked about him going into a trade in the past, and he talked to my dad and brother about it (they're both electricians), so he started looking into that as a serious option.

But here in the Lower Mainland, going into a trade requires taking a foundations course at a college (likely BCIT) first, and then hoping that you can get an apprenticeship afterwards. But elsewhere... you can do like my friend Marilyn's husband did. He walked right into an apprenticeship in instrumentation at a reasonable, livable wage, simply by having references that vouched for him being a hard worker and other good traits, and being willing to pick up and relocate within 2 weeks. So I contacted Mar, and asked her all about it. Ian had a conversation with her husband, and we did some research, and then talked to our parents, and we've made a decision.

A week or so before the wedding on October 13th, Ian is going to start contacting companies up in Fort St. John looking for an apprenticeship. He's just about guaranteed to be a shoe-in for one as soon as there's one available - people aren't exactly clamoring for positions up there, and the fact that he is a relatively stable, married 37 year old guy who is looking for a career is definitely in his favour. Apparently they get a lot of young guys looking to make a quick buck, who get bored quickly with nothing to do outside of work, very few single women, and not much in the way of exciting nightlife etc., who go up there for six months or so and then bail. We definitely wouldn't be looking to do that - we'd be looking to settle down, get Ian firmly established in a career (an apprenticeship takes 5 years, going to school for a short period each year, during which he gets unemployment benefits), and definitely not moving anywhere else until he's earned his journeyman ticket. I will qualify for spousal relocation unemployment benefits for the first while after the move, but the job market for other stuff - especially administrative/clerical - up there is pretty good too, and I don't expect to be unemployed for too long.

In the meantime, we're going to be paring down our belongings seriously to make the move as easy as possible. We have tax return money coming in the next month or so which will allow us to finish up all of the wedding preparation as well as pay for the move, so that's going to help a ton. But we're both feeling really anxious to just get the wedding over with so we can get going on things. To top it off, work has been extremely dead and boring lately, so I have far too much time to think about things and get anxious. So that's driving me nuts.

But that's where we are at this point. Hopefully he will get something fairly quickly after the wedding, and we'll be able to be up there by the end of 2012.


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