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Alrighty, time for a weekend update!

One of the things I was most looking forward to about working again was having the funds to get out and be social. As I worked on dealing with my depression over the past few months, I've become increasingly tired of being a hermit and staying home all the time. Add to that the fact that I've been seeing someone very casually over the past 2 months, and both he and I have a love of trying new and exotic restaurants and things like that, but doing that sort of thing is difficult on the budget of an unemployed bum.

So this last weekend, being the first weekend after starting my new job (and having my first paycheque in hand, to boot), I decided it would be fun to head down to Granville Island and wander around. Ian was all for this idea, considering that the Public Market contains several very interesting shops of interest to foodies. I was more interested in the various craft supply shops, as well as the hat store and Dragonspace. I actually ended up spending not a whole lot of money - all I picked up was 2 small vials of beads for the lace shawl I'm knitting, and 2 macarons from the boulangerie. We had a late lunch at the Granville Island Taproom, which does a very neat Tasters Round of beers - 6oz glasses of 4 different kinds of their own microbrewery beers. I'm not a beer drinker (yet), but Ian is, though I had sips of his to try them. I was VERY impressed with their chicken strips, which were quite obviously made in-house.

Our original plan had been to pick up groceries to cook dinner together at my place, but I had gone to the doctor in the morning on Saturday (which I will refrain from talking about because it would definitely be TMI), and ran into a good friend and her husband there, who told me that it was another mutual friend of ours' birthday and there would be a dinner for her that evening at a local greek restaurant. (By the way, I highly recommend Yianni's in New Westminster.) So when I met up with Ian at the train station, I asked if he'd be up for meeting some of my friends, as I'd really like to go to the dinner, and he was fine with that so we did that instead. It was a lovely time, and I got to meet some new people and catch up with some good friends, including my laurel, who was rather happy to see me out and about. After dinner, the party got moved to the birthday girl's house, but Ian and I headed back to my place instead.

Sunday was very quiet, but I did manage to get a fair amount accomplished, though not all of my laundry as I'd hoped, because my annoying roommate insisted on budging in to wash his new pants and then my landlord wanted the machines.

Today I'm working 8-2, which means my shift is already half over! Getting off of work at 2pm is going to be amazing. After work, I'll be heading up to the market, then I need to head home and finish up my laundry and mop the floors. Then I'm going to pull out my torch and start working on some beads again, to go with the norse outfit I'm going to be working on soon. Lots of fun!


Jan. 3rd, 2009 11:42 pm
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It was snowing when I got up this morning, and it was snowing when I got home from my date. I am SOOOOO sick of snow!

I took this picture while I was waiting for my bus on the way out this morning, and I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out. Ok, it's touched up a bit in photoshop, but I still like it.

My date went... ok, I guess. I met him at Main St. Skytrain, we bussed up to the restaurant he'd suggested but they don't do lunch, so we ended up at a pub called The Reef, which specializes in jerked meat. I had a jerked pork eggs benedict, which was yummy but I wasn't expecting the jerked meat to taste a little bit sweet, so that was kind of odd.

Afterwards we went to a jewish deli where he bought bagels and cream cheese, then we walked up to my favorite yarn store but they're closed for the holidays. After that, we hung out at his place for a while. I haven't decided yet whether or not I want there to be a 2nd date.

I've now spent a small fortune on making my glacial set for my priest, so that I'm ready for my guild's raid on Sapphiron on Monday. And I haven't even gemmed or enchanted it yet. Oy.
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I woke up this morning and my cat was at the window, wanting to be let in. This immediately drew my attention to the fact that it is snowing, AGAIN. I gotta say... personally I've had enough of the stuff! Plus there's the fact that I'm going out today, and I don't really own any real winter boots.

At least the falling flakes will make good camera fodder.

So the plan that my date and I have for today is to meet up at one of the skytrain stations, and then we're going to have lunch at a restaurant down on Main St. that he's heard a lot of good things about, and it's gotten really good reviews on DineHere.ca, and then depending on how things go, I think we may end up wandering around on Main St., which has lots of funky shops and stuff. I had had the idea in my head to stop at my favorite yarn shop Three Bags Full, but they're closed right now for the Christmas break, I think, and it's next weekend that is their belated Boxing Day Sale. So instead I will head down there next weekend, as I have a $75 gift certificate (that I've been hoarding from Christmas 2006 - and yes it's still good, I checked!) and want to get the yarn and needles to make this adorable Star-crossed Slouchy Beret.

Alrighty, time to clean the litterbox and then hit the shower.


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