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I am feeling MUCH better today, and only a small part of that has to do with the fact that it's Friday. Actually, I started feeling better yesterday afternoon, for some unknown reason, and it continued on into the evening.

I didn't spend much time on the computer last night, and that was probably a big help in starting to feel better. I spent a little bit of time on it in the early part of the evening, chatting with [livejournal.com profile] istp_archer, but her hubby came home and she had to leave to deal with him, and shortly after that I went and sat on the couch and worked on the embroidery on my new apron dress. I only have 3 of the vertical seams left to embellish, and then once I hem the top and bottom and add the straps, it will be done and I can move on to the underdress.

I thought briefly about setting my torch up again (I dismantled it a while ago when Ian was over so we could eat at the kitchen table, and haven't set it back up again yet), but instead, I got out my tuner and tuning wrench, tuned up my harp and put in some practice time on it. I'm hoping to get reasonable at it enough that it will make sense for me to bring it with me when I head to Portland in July.
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I had an extremely productive night last night. Almost to the point of scaring myself. Heh. I had planned to do a bit of tidying when I got home, but that ended up expanding to putting away all my clean laundry (which is almost all of it, all I'm going to have to do this weekend is one, maybe two loads).

I had wanted to spend a bunch of time doing lampworking, but once I finally sat down to the torch, I only got a couple beads made and then I ran out of propane! I had a couple spare tanks (I use the 1-pound camping tanks) but when I took the torch off the tank, it was hissing, which freaked me out. A quick google search turned up instructions to take it outside, open up the valve on the torch and let the tank empty before taking the torch off, so I did that - which put me out of commission on beadmaking for a while.

I tried to do a little bit of WoW-ing, but just wasn't into it last night... so I finally ended up restarting the Swan Lake stole I had started ages ago (and then the cat made a tangled mess of it). When Ian and I were down at Granville Island last weekend, I had the thought to go into BeadWorld and pick up some seed beads for it, so this time I'm beading it too. It's turning out gorgeous! And I was smart enough to put it in a rubbermaid bin when I was finished for the morning, so the cat can't mess it up this time.

I'm really really pleased with how much time I'm NOT spending on the computer lately. I'm feeling much more fulfilled and creative, and it's really great. I'm looking forward to a fun-filled, busy weekend as well - tomorrow Ian's coming over and we're going to cook dinner together, and I'm spending Sunday afternoon/evening with [livejournal.com profile] songstress1973 and [livejournal.com profile] gates_apco, both of whom I haven't seen in a while and it should be a ton of fun.


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