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I think I mentioned this before, but last week when I told the roommate that I would prefer that he be out by the end of June, his response was "alright... we'll see".

That really got my hackles up. I mean... "we'll see???" Dude... you're not rich, you have no pets, and you are looking for an apartment, not a house to purchase. There's LOADS of places out there. Pick one and get the fuck out of my house! You hate living with me and I hate living with you. Why do you want to drag this out any longer than absolutely necessary?

I had printed out the 1 month notice for endangerment forms, but didn't give them to him that day because I'm still working on the whole getting a backbone thing. I'm about to print up new ones here, dated Sunday, and on Sunday I'm going to reiterate that I would like him to be out for the end of June. If he says ANYTHING other than "no problem", he's getting served with the forms.

I remembered recently that when he moved in, our rent was $50 less than it is now, so his damage deposit is $12.50 less than I was thinking it was. He hasn't paid me May's utilities yet, and if he doesn't give me that or the money for June, that's coming off the damage deposit. In that case, he'll be getting barely over $100 back. IF I decide he left his room clean enough.

This whole thing is total and utter bullshit. When I lived in the apartment building before I moved into my current place, I had a roommate who was awful. She had lived with another woman before me, and the woman before me got fed up. And all she did was ask her to leave. She tried to give her like 2 weeks' notice, but it ended up being a month and a half because 2 weeks was just ridiculous, but at least my former roommate was reasonable and realized that it was her roommate's right (since she'd been in the apartment first) to ask her to leave, and just left instead of putting up a fight.

Never again, I tell you! I will live in a tiny little bachelor suite on my own before I put up with another roommate who isn't related to me or my partner.
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I have been having the week from HELL.

cut for what may be TMI for the squeamish and/or male )In more interesting and much more pleasant news, I've discovered that there is a bead store a block away from my work! This has the potential to be dangerous. I might stop in there after work today, if I don't manage to stop myself and just head straight home. There's also a Salvation Army across the street from my work, and I keep saying I should get into the habit of going in there every day or two to check the fabric section. I just might luck out into something that would be usable as garb.


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