May. 29th, 2009 09:41 am
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I just broke my work tea mug. Thank goodness it was just a cheap one from Starbucks that I wasn't particularly attached to.
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My right foot is insanely itchy. To relieve this itch would require me to take off my runner and sock, and I don't want to do that right now, so I'm sitting here hoping it will just go away. Gragh.

So, I had a conversation with my roommate last night that has gotten my hackles up quite a bit. I can't remember how it started, but essentially, I asked him if he had decided whether to work towards moving out on June 30th or July 31st, since those are the two obvious options at this point. He asked if I had a preference. I said no, that it was basically a "six of one, half-dozen of the other" type situation for me, because the end of May was too soon, the end of June was better for me in the sense of Ian spending time at my house etc., but that the end of July was better for my budget. Well, he then turned around and said something like "well remember, the rules say that I can just give you 10 days notice at any time and move out, and you still have to pay me one month's rent".

I was like... "uh, WHAT?" So I went and looked at the documents on the Residential Tenancy website. I gave him an official "Notice to Vacate for Landlord's Use of Property" at the end of April with July 31st as the last day I want him gone, but told him verbally at that time that anytime before that was fine as well. But I only gave him that formal document because he insisted on it. He's not on the lease. My name is the only one on the lease. He is living there out of the goodness of my heart, and nothing else.

When I get home tonight, I am going to let him know that having thought about our conversation yesterday some more, I would like him to work towards moving for the end of June. I have absolutely HAD IT with being treated like I am his child and being held to HIS standards of everything, and having my boyfriend being treated like he is not welcome inside my house. He'll get his damage deposit back provided his room is left in a clean state, but he is not getting one month's rent.

If need be, I will re-serve him with a One Month Notice to End Tenancy on the grounds that he has been endangering my safety by leaving our gas stove running all the freaking time.

And if all else fails... I have a boyfriend who's built like a linebacker and lots of fighter-type SCA friends.
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Monday and half of Tuesday this week have turned out to be a bit of a wash-up. I felt so crappy on Monday that I only worked three hours (and thank goddess I have the flexibility to do that sort of thing). I went home, vegged for a bit, had a nap, and then actually managed to get the floors swept and mopped, but that was about the only thing I accomplished. On Tuesday, I made the really dumb choice of wearing a pair of pants that make me feel like a sausage stuffed into a casing that's too small, and a shirt that doesn't fit too well either, so while I managed a full 6 hour day at work, I spent it feeling really gross. Despite needing to put in three extra hours that I didn't work on Monday, I only did my regular 6 hours yesterday, so that I could get home ASAP and change my clothes. After I did so, I relaxed for a little while, but then found some motivation somewhere, and managed to accomplish quite a bit last night. There's still more to be done, but I'm making progress.

Today, I was smart and wore clothes that fit properly and have stretch to them (and I even mended my black pants before I wore them, so they don't have the 2 torn seams they've had for the past while), and after a good 9 1/2 hour sleep last night, I am feeling MUCH better and much more motivated. I even managed to pack a mostly healthy lunch this morning too. I am planning to put in one of the three make-up hours in today, and stay until 3 instead of 2, and fortunately I'm on backup for tonight's raid, so I can just be logged in just in case I'm needed, but go off and do other things as long as I'm within earshot of the computer.

Don't forget it's Mother's Day this weekend! I bought a rather cute card on the weekend, and will be putting it in the mail today, but my mom's gift will have to be a bit late as I haven't had a chance to go shopping at all lately. My mother ALWAYS needs new clothes, so I'm going to go pick up a couple cute shirts for her sometime soon.


May. 5th, 2009 08:36 am
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Anybody seen my motivation? I know it's around here somewhere, but it seems to have run off on me...


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