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Well after my crappy weekend, yesterday was MUCH better, and definitely a great start to my week. A client took my boss and I out for lunch to say thank you for all the work on her case, so I put the lunch I'd brought with me in the fridge, and now I have it for today. Considering I overslept this morning because I was a dumbass last night and stayed up WAY too late playing video games, that lunch in the fridge is going to come in handy in a couple of hours.

And then the lawyer who used to rent our spare office, who is now down the hall from us, came by with a Christmas card for me containing a $50 gift certificate for Starbucks. Considering how infrequently I go to Starbucks these days, that'll last me quite a long time!

Today I drove in to work again, so that I can stop by Country Beads again and pick up more swarovski crystals to finish up my Christmas gifts. We're headed to the Island to visit my family for Christmas on Saturday morning, and will be there until Boxing Day, most likely. And just in case anyone's getting any bright ideas about our place being empty: we live in an extremely high security building. Don't even think about it. :)

We'll be taking the pup with us, but leaving the kitties behind. Two clean litterboxes and large bowls of food and water plus two open toilets will keep them doing just fine for 2 1/2 days.

In less materialistic news, I decided to take the three days off between Christmas and New Years, since I could get 10 days straight off for the cost of 3 days of holiday time. I am SOOOO looking forward to it. I'm going to go out to Abbotsford one day to spend some time with [profile] songstress1973 and [profile] gates_apco (and Jack!), and I'm going to have much more time than usual to spend with Ian, and I'm going to start working on our wedding invitations. And I'm sure there will be much crafting and playing of Star Wars: The Old Republic in there too.


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