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Erm, hi! Remember me?

I am so freaking behind on posting that I don't know if I can even catch up at this point, so I'm just going to do a bunch of point form stuff in an attempt to pack as much into this post as I can.

i. My birthday is in 9 days! Whee! I ordered myself a birthday present from Sihaya Designs 2 weeks ago and I can hardly wait until it gets here. I'm doing a birthday dinner at the New West Spaghetti Factory on the day of my birthday, and if there's any locals on here who aren't on FB who would like to attend, you're more than welcome (though I don't think there's anyone other than someone I've already talked to in person who isn't on my FB).

ii. Back on March 31st, I entered Lions Gate's Bardic Defender competition... and won! I'm still kinda stunned about that. I played my harp, and did Frog Galliard and Beer is for Girls - the former was arranged by, and the latter was composed by Lady Isolde de Lengadoc of Ealdormere, who blogs at Well Tempered Harpy. Now I am looking for pieces to learn to enter Tir Righ Bardic 2013 (2012 is too close to the wedding to enter).

iii. The wedding was 6 months away as of last Friday. It's time for us to get our butts in gear in working on things. I need to get on the invites ASAP, plus get Ian's input on the website, arrange our engagement shoot with Tish, and get going on my dress.

iv. Ian's work has been doing a whole bunch of position shifting, because people have been quitting. I'm going to make a more detailed, locked post about this later, but I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that he can get onto dayshift sometime in the not too distant future. That would be SOOOO nice.

v. My work has been fine, if a little slow, lately. This is perfectly fine with me.

vi. I am SO thankful that the financing company that my car loan is done through is reasonable. I just called and shifted my next two payments very slightly to align better with my paycheques, and it has made a world of difference in my budget for the next 3 months. Whew!

vii. It's going to be a quiet summer for me, SCA-wise. I'm going to a few local-ish events, but we are really focusing our finances on wedding stuff, so I won't be able to do much traveling past Chilliwack, and even then just once.

viii. The two things most frequently in my thoughts lately? my spirituality and creativity. I need to do something about both of those things, and haven't been lately. Must rectify.

ix. well, that and archery. I actually got my membership this year, and have been out to the range twice so far. We will probably go out again this weekend. hopefully I can find my glove easily.

and, that's all I can think of right now
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