Mar. 2nd, 2012 02:55 pm
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It's Friday, and you know what that means.... well, other than it being almost the weekend. It's time for a list post!

i. work was boring this morning, but all of a sudden it got busy just before lunch time, and for a while there the office felt like grand central station. it has FINALLY slowed down a bit so I can have a few minutes to catch my breath.

ii. My new vacuum cleaner hose arrived yesterday. This makes me ridiculously excited. It's been a long time since our place has gotten a good vacuuming, because the old hose made the vacuum unusable. I will be vacuuming my house to within an inch of its life this weekend.

iii. I got to babysit one of the most adorable little blond boys out there this week, my honorary nephew Jack. We watched Dumbo together and I worked on my plaid underdress. It was good to get a dose of cute kid in, and remind me of why I should embrace the honorary nieces and nephews but not have any kids of my own. Hehe.

iv. I have Lions Gate Baronial Banquet tickets for sale! Only $10 each! The event is March 31st, and if you go during the day, you can hear me perform and compete for the Lions Gate Bardic Defender title. I will be playing my harp, and possibly singing. :)

v. Tonight, I am going to out to the Newcomers Session and spin on my drop spindle for the first time in aaaaages.

vi. I am being a total copycat and stealing Cat Valente's idea, which was originally borrowed from Unfuck Your Habitat and I've started a Tumblr to document my efforts at unfucking my own life. No, you can't have the link yet. :)

vii. I really need to get off my butt and start working on the mockup for my wedding dress. I am again having thoughts of "screw it, let's just elope".

viii. I've been making lots of beads lately! I need to check whether or not I posted the picture of the last finished bead project I made.

That's all for now, I can't think of anything else to say.
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