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It's been way too freaking long since I've posted here, so I'm going to do a State of the Karla post to catch you all up.

Work's been fine the past few weeks. I had some major stress there for a little bit, but I suspect my own anxiety and PTSD probably inflated that to be a lot worse than it should have been. I'm just doing the best job I can here to keep this job as long as I can (hopefully until I have something else), and keeping on with my job search.

Things are great with Ian. Pretty much no complaints at all there. We're working on getting him back to school sometime in the near future - he's going to go into a trade. I'm looking forward to that, so that we can then get onto a similar work schedule. Plus once he's done with his school and into his new career, I'm going to work on getting myself back again and changing careers. I have no idea what I want to do yet though.

My health is holding steady. Ian and I are working on altering our food intake to include a lot more whole grains and veggies than before, and we started the South Beach diet a while back. He's been pretty strict with it, and has taken off almost 20 pounds so far. I've been a lot less strict, but still eating way better than I was before. No idea what the scale says though, I'm still pushing HAES.

I'm looking forward to the weather warming up some more so that we can start going for long walks on the weekends with the dog again. I'm also looking forward to outdoor archery season starting up again. I think that's usually about sometime in April, and I have already budgeted in the money for my membership. I need to pick up a new bow stringer, and also get some finger savers for my string, but both of those are quite inexpensive. I'm also going to make myself a proper bracer now that I've got some leatherworking stuff, since the little one I have doesn't do me much good. But I'm really looking forward to archery season, and this year I am bound and determined to not hurt myself so badly that I can't go out and shoot.

As for my mental health... that's pretty much holding steady too. Now that most of my situational depression is gone, I'm still having some down periods which can pretty much be chalked up to existential depression. I'm learning how to ride them out, though. While I may still HAVE the bouts of feeling really meh and blah, I've learned to recognize that it's just this chemical imbalance talking, my life really isn't horrible, and that I need to find something to distract myself from those feelings. Either that, or go snuggle my furballs and wait for it to end.

The state of our apartment is improving too. Last Friday, I thought I'd lost my wallet - well, I wasn't sure if I'd lost it (the most likely explanation being it had fallen out of my backpack on the bus), or if it had fallen out of my backpack or purse in the house and had just gotten misplaced. That was the catalyst I needed to get fed completely up with the den and rip through it in one weekend. Now, other than the layer of dog fur on the floor, it looks awesome. The layer of dog fur is due to our vacuum hose being busted, and our new one not having arrived yet. That will hopefully get here sometime this week. I also managed to get through most of the rest of the house, and with a little bit each day from now on, it's going to look awesome.

Oh yeah, and I found my wallet when I got to work this morning. It had fallen out of my backpack and landed behind my wastebasket. I had had my debit card in my pocket at the time, and there was no cash in my wallet, so the inconvenience factor if I had totally lost it wouldn't have been too huge, but it's a big relief having found it and not having to replace my driver's license. Whew!

So I think that's all the mundane shit. Now that life is pretty calm again, hopefully I can get back to the more interesting stuff sometime soon. :)
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