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I was pleasantly surprised with a Christmas bonus by my boss, plus most of the gifts from my family were in the form of cash, so after Christmas, I went and did something I've been wanting to do for a long time now.

raven tattoo

I got my tattoo!

I had it done at Memento Mori out in Abbotsford, by Miranda. It was a bit of a drive, but I'd met Miranda and one of the guys from the studio at the wedding show we went to in the fall, and between that and the website, I had a good feeling from them so I decided it was worth the drive. The tattoo is on my left calf, just above my ankle.

The raven is both one of my totems, and represents transformation. The holly twig does NOT, actually, represent Holly House (my household in the SCA). Rather, it represents certain people who either are members of Holly House or were at one time, who helped me through a tough time in my life a while back.

This picture was taken by Miranda (on my iPhone) just after she finished, hence the redness around it. I had it done a week ago today, and last night it entered the peeling stage of healing, so right now it looks pretty crappy. Once it's healed, I'll get someone to take a better picture for me. But I gotta say, I'm SO thrilled with how it turned out.
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