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So, I am once again restarting my 101 goals in 1001 days list. The end date for my previous list is sometime in May of 2012, and there's just no way I could get anywhere near all of my goals finished by then even if I didn't have to work and had tons of money. So, I've decided to rework my list completely and start again as of January 1, 2012. That makes my new end date September 27, 2014.

Italics means the goal is in progress
Strikethrough means the goal is done

New goals added January 1, 2012
1. Get married! (ok this is a gimme, as the wedding is set for October 13th. So we'll add... without going insane or pissing anyone off :)
2. Open my Etsy shop by no later than my 36th birthday (April 29, 2012).
3. Get one Jedi and one Sith character in Star Wars: The Old Republic to level 50.
4. Read a book a week for a year.
5. Find some sort of crafting social group to join.

Leaving 6 through 13 of my new goals open for things I come up with later. I've got plenty to work on for now!

Goals recycled from my previous list
1. Take my pills every day for 6 months straight and keep a record of it
2. Eat fish once a week for a month
3. Exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes three times per week for three months
4. Buy a home blood pressure cuff and get my blood pressure under control without the use of medication
5. Stop drinking pop for 3 months (no pop at all, not even diet)
6. Learn tai chi (via video is fine)
7. Brush my teeth twice a day and floss once a day for 3 months
8. Walk a total of 250km during the 1001 days (2.66/250 completed)
9. Get a professional massage
10. Complete a Couch-to-5k program

11. read every one of Shakespeare's plays
12. organize my music library so that iTunes will finally not have any duplicate entries
13. add one new album per month to my music library
14. add all of my books to my online book listing on goodreads
15. read 10 of the books in my collection that I've never read before
16. Watch 20 of the movies from the IMdb top 250 movies of all time list that I have never seen before
17. Read 10 books from the list at http://www.best100novels.com/ that I've never read before
18. Read 5 books on the reading list for the Personal MBA
19. remain debt free for the entire duration of the project (the exceptions being the responsible use of my credit card, and my car loan)
20. save $1000 in an emergency fund
21. open an RRSP account and deposit $500 in it
22. keep track of every penny spent for 6 months
23. celebrate every full moon for a year
24. celebrate every solstice and equinox for a year
25. meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes at least once a week for a year
26. get a "professional" divination of some sort done for me
27. get a past life regression done
28. get my first degree reiki attunement done
29. receive a reiki treatment from someone else
30. set up an altar
31. create a Book of Shadows type book
32. find some sort of storage device for herbs and start working with them more
33. Install Ubuntu/Windows as dual boot, and get all my files completely organized
34. Create a schedule that will keep the house clean all the time with minimal maintenance time
35. start working on the AS 50 challenge (http://www.artsandsciences50.org) - complete the first 25 projects within the 1001 days, as AS50 goes til 2015
36. enter all of my yarn and completed projects into my Ravelry profile
37. take photos of all of my completed craft projects that I can round up, and take photos of all finished projects from now on.
38. go to a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performance
39. learn to proficiency and memorize at least 10 piano pieces so that I can play for people at the drop of a hat, and play them regularly so that they stay memorized
40. practice the piano for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for three months straight (days spent entirely away from home excepted)
41. learn to sing a song in a different language
42. learn 3 different calligraphy hands well enough that I can do battle-calligraphy at events without having to refer to an exemplar
43. design and create 2 sets of casual clothing myself (underwear excluded)
44. make 5 new pieces of jewelry for my collection
45. learn how to use my camera properly and take 5 *good* photos a week for 6 months
46. bake once a week for 3 months and share my baking
47. brush up on my leatherworking and start making a leather book cover for my BoS
48. Go through the Artist's Way program
49. increase my fluency in a language to the point where I can hold a simple conversation (spoken or written) with a native speaker
50. learn enough of a programming or coding language to write a simple application
51. learn to sign 20 words in ASL
52. register my SCA name and device
53. attend four consecutive principality or kingdom events
54. enter an SCA bardic competition (full entry, since I've already done a single entry into Tir Righ Bardic)
55. enter an SCA Arts & Sciences competition
56. create an entire norse outfit, head to toe, including underwear, socks and shoes, and beads, but not brooches, by hand
57. get back to archery practice, score a Royal Round and then improve by at least 20 points
over a season
58. design, calligraph and paint an entire scroll all on my own
59. redesign personal website/weblog and post twice a week for 6 months
60. get one character of each class in WoW to level 85 on the Alliance side, all on the same server (I'm sitting at 9/10 finished right now)
61. finish a Wii game (probably Super Mario Brothers.Wii)
62. call my grandparents once a week for 3 months
63. fly on a plane
64. Eat at five new restaurants
65. try a dish that is completely out of character for me when eating out 6 times
66. meet two friends in person that I know via the internet only at the making of this list (if I can get a trip to Portland in, this will be super easy)
67. try absinthe
68. decorate the apartment, including painting at least one wall
69. Wear jewelry and makeup daily for a month straight (weekends excepted)
70. draft and execute my Will (in progress, still deciding on things)
71. get another tattoo
72. re-pierce my nose
73. visit a foreign country (USA only counts if there's at least one state between BC and my destination)
74. have a proper IQ test done
75. visit my sister in Calgary
76. attempt to reconcile with a particular former friend
77. Pack my lunch to work every day for 2 months
78. eat breakfast at home and not purchase anything on the way to work for 2 months
79. learn a basic poi spinning routine
80. take a non-SCA road trip somewhere
81. go 3 weeks without having to throw out ANY spoiled food from the fridge
82. find a hairstyle that suits me and doesn't require much maintenance
83. take a weekend trip to Seattle
84. try 10 different foods that I've always thought would be gross
85. get a sourdough starter and bake sourdough at home
86. learn to brew mead
87. bake all bread products consumed in my household for 1 month
88. get 10 pictures of friends and family and frame them and put them up around the house (I'm at 3/10 right now)


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